Earthwork Estimating Experts Since 1987
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Owner: Martin J. Schmidt

Marty Schmidt and the Story of Earthwork Calculation Services, Inc.

  • 1987: Joined Clegg Engineering. Worked as estimator, assistant project manager and spent time in field learning the trade. Civil Image was a mainframe program used to do earthwork takeoffs. Civil Image was developed by Jim Farnsworth with assistance of Clegg Engineering.

  • 1988-1989: Civil Image came off of the mainframe and onto the desktop computer, advancements in computer technology began gaining stride in the construction industry.

  • 1989: Phil Clegg, the original patent holder of Machine Control GPS, shares his expanded vision of GPS grading ideas with me.

  • 1990: I met with Spectra Physics and Phil Clegg to discuss takeoff, model building and machine control. The patent rights held by Phil Clegg were sold to Spectra Physics to develop GPS for construction practices.

  • 1992: I worked with Civil Image to develop more tools for takeoff. These early tools were important in the industry. Agtek, Paydirt and Civil Image helped to build the technology that we have today.

  • 1993: I opened the doors Earthwork Calculation Services, Inc.

  • 1993-1999: Earthwork Calculation Services, Inc. completed thousands of earthwork takeoffs for contractors, developers and civil engineers.

  • 2000: Built business relationships with Dave and Bruce Carlson began and Carlson Takeoff was created.

  • 2000-2003: GPS is coming into action in grading technology; model building becomes a part of the takeoff process.

  • 2003: Earthwork Calculation Services, Inc. branches off into the GPS hardware and software industry. Installed and trained Carlson Grade on several dozers, motor graders, scrapers and trained grade checkers on stake-less grading practices

  • 2003-2007: Earthwork Calculation Services, Inc. sold more Carlson Takeoff packages to more contractors than any other Carlson dealer.

  • 2008-2012: The construction industry falls on hard times with the downturn in the economy. Our takeoff and GPS services continue to grow as contractors expand in technology to be more competitive.

  • 2012-Present: Earthwork Calculation Services, Inc. takeoff and GPS modeling services continues with significant growth throughout the US and internationally.